Goodbye Bad Dreams

Released April 2019, and helping kids with their nightmares!

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bad dreams final cover

I am so excited to announce my newest picture book!  And I am trying something brand-new, never been done with this one.  A blank page is often scary for an adult to look at, but kids see blank pages as canvases waiting to be filled.  In this book, kids are not only allowed to, but encouraged to draw on the pages!

I am thrilled to have this beautiful review from a certified trauma specialist, backing up my belief that this book is a fun read for all kids, but can also really help those who suffer from bad dreams.  “Goodbye Bad Dreams is a story that will delight all children. As soon as you begin reading, you know you are being taken on many amazing journeys and each one a wonderful and exciting surprise. It is a story of hope and resiliency that challenges children in a creative way to cope with scary dreams, and a great resource for parents and counselors.” – Linda Diaz, LPC, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, and author of The Wounded Yellow Butterfly.

If your child has this book and wants to show off their art, email me your pics and I will showcase them here!

hannah art for book cropped
Fire-breathing dragon (in a pink dress) lighting candles on birthday cake.  Hannah, age 5

Some samples from my book launch:


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