Goodbye Bad Dreams

I am so excited to announce my newest picture book!  I have an amazing illustrator lined up, and a beautiful review from a certified trauma specialist, backing up my belief that this book is a fun read for all kids, but can also really help those who suffer from bad dreams.

All I need now is some help reaching my Kickstarter goal.  The goal is set low because I will pay for much of the illustration (and all my usual expenses) on my own, I just need some help this time around.  I have some exciting and unique rewards set up for those who help me, including signed copies of the book, your kids’ names printed in the book on the acknowledgments page, or even ad space for other authors to advertise their books, or really for any business to advertise.  I know as a kid I would’ve been in awe to receive a signed copy of a book with my name on the acknowledgements page as having helped the author!  For more info, check out the campaign: Goodbye Bad Dreams

This link will also bring you to the review mentioned above, and a sample of the art.  The campaign ends 2/18, so check it out now!


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