Record Breaking Month on Teachers Pay Teachers

April 25, 2016

I have a store on  a site called Teachers Pay Teachers.  They take a fairly large cut of sales, but I think it’s still a great resource for both sellers and buyers.  I’m not sure why, but this month my sales are in record breaking numbers.  I do have a lot of poetry items (and April is poetry month) but I am also selling a lot of journalism lesson plans, and even Night unit plans.  The last of these is the one I really can’t figure out, not that I’m complaining.  Are teachers already planning for next year??  I never even knew what I was teaching usually until September, when school was just about to start.  Or is it the time of year when teachers are exhausted and out of ideas and looking for help?  This would be my guess!  I remember those days well.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy to be helping fellow teachers (and making some pocket change in the process.)

I’ve also gotten some great recent feedback, like this from a journalism lesson plan on media bias that used the Trayvon Martin case:  “My first time teaching this–this was a great help to me. Thanks!”

Here is a link to my store if you want to check it out: My Store

And if you are interested in opening your own store, use this link to show where you first heard about them (I get a referral bonus that doesn’t affect your royalty):  Also, feel free to ask me any questions as you are getting started.

Happy shopping (or selling)!


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