A NU Toy Store Reading

September 23, 2016


Yesterday, for the first time, I got to bring my daughter to work.  That works out pretty well when your job is reading your poems at a toy store!  Stay tuned for my next reading at this store the evening of 12/16 during Tarrytown’s Third Friday event!  It will be a great opportunity to do some last-minute holiday shopping, and a break from the cold.  There may even be other authors joining me.  You can “follow” this page to be kept in the loop, or just check back closer to December.


Welcome to Motherhood Signing and Reading

September 17, 2016

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know about my next event, next Thursday morning at a great toy store in Tarrytown, NY.  Unlike my last event, which was a mom’s night out, this event is open to anyone…moms with their kids, moms on their own, or anyone looking for a unique gift, or simply wanting to support a local author and store.  Check out the event page on Facebook for more details: NU Toy Store Reading and Signing.

If you can’t make the event, but want to stop by another time, the store has limited signed copies for sale.

This may be my last event for a bit as I begin to work on my next book, so I hope to see you there!

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