Art is in!

I want to let you all in on the art process for my latest book.

This was the first sketch, amazing, but this book is all about the dream, so we wanted it bigger.


Final sketch: Bigger dream and a slightly “friendlier” scary dinosaur!final sketch for page 2

And somehow this sketch turns into amazing, beautiful, stunning art!  (I can say this with modesty since I had nothing to do with it!  Gaurav Bhatnagar of ePublishing eXperts is behind this work of art.)  We have one more revision to this first piece, which I’ll reveal as the cover for my kick starter campaign.  More about that later.  The size here doesn’t do the art justice.  Zoom in if you can to take a closer look at the detail on the doll house.  I am so excited to share this with you!



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