Hi all,

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post here, I almost forgot how to do it!  In the past months, lorifettner.com has seen a lot of changes.  I’ve changed the format of the site to make it easier to navigate, just in time for the release of my children’s book database!  I am very proud of this database, and hope it will be helpful to a lot of children and their parents.  Looking for books to read to your child about bullying?  Starting school?  Arrival of a new baby?  Death?  Anxiety?  Being a good friend?  I’ve seen all the posts in the parenting groups, and have had many of my own searches for just the right books on these topics and more.  Through these searches, I learned that it’s incredibly difficult to find kid’s books by topic.  They just aren’t organized that way in libraries and stores.  So, I asked moms, librarians, other authors, and even therapists for their favorite books on every topic we could think of to meet the needs of children and their families.  I also scoured my own shelves for my favorites, and will be adding more books as I discover them.  Check out the database at lorifettner.com.

I’m also proud to announce the release of my new book, Goodbye Bad Dreams.  I’ve been working on this one for awhile, probably longer than any of my other releases to this point.  It’s therapist (and mom) approved to help your child overcome their bad dreams in a fun, creative way.  It’s also my first I Create Art book.  What does this mean?  It means your child gets to be the illustrator!  Here’s an example of an illustration done by a 5 year old.  On this page, a fire-breathing dragon that had previously scared the little girl is now lighting candles on her birthday cake.

hannah art for book cropped

It’s amazing what kids can do if given a chance, and a blank canvas!  Below is the cover of Goodbye Bad Dreams, drawn by a 14 year old!  If your child loves to draw, has bad dreams, or both, check this book out!  Enjoy the launch price of just $5.99 for 2 more days, until 5/1/19!

bad dreams final cover

Lots more in the works here.  I’ll keep you all posted!