We made it 9 days into remote learning. On day 10, my 2nd grader decided she had had enough of getting “kicked out” (logged off) of her class, not knowing when the teacher was speaking to her or the kids in actual class, and having to sit there and listen to the teacher talk about mask rules and other things that didn’t apply to her. In total, it was just over 6 hours a day she was required to be “in” school from her computer. During those 6 hours, I had to keep my toddler quiet in his room so she could concentrate, while also listening to see if she needed me.

Enter homeschool. I use a program called Time4Learning that is perfect for those planning to return to public school when this craziness is over. It very closely matches the common core curriculum being taught per grade level in the core subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Does it really work? Yes! In public school, my daughter was confused when the teacher discussed place value up to 100. Time4Learning introduced place value up to 1000 and my daughter gets it!

She may only be on the program for 2 hours a day, but the learning is constant, engaging, and thorough. She is constantly assessed, and if she gets a low score on an item, there are extra resources to print out and work on. When she’s done with her Time4Learning work every day, we have hours of learning through play, and I find she asks more questions about her learning than she ever did before. One morning she learned about physical versus chemical changes in matter. That afternoon during her snack, she began a thoughtful discussion with me about whether her apple sauce represented a physical or chemical change. School is home, and home is school, there is no divide. We learn all the time! And when she asks to take a break to go jump in puddles, we go (and learn while we are at it!)

I’ve also chosen to tie in the rest of our “desk” learning with the program. For example, when she was learning about character’s thoughts and feelings in her Time4Learning Language Arts class, I continued that discussion when we were later reading a book together, and had her write a paragraph about the main event in the story and the character’s feelings about what happened. During her music lesson today, we were listening to different violinists play, and I asked her about how the music “felt,” was it a happy or sad piece, or something else. None of this is required, but I like tying Time4Learning into the rest of our day.

My daughter looks forward to finishing her work so she can access the Time4Learning “playground.” The funny thing is the playground is actually more learning! Today she “played a game” where she had to choose from the 4 categories of food to give the player enough energy to do well throughout his day. It was a great health lesson!

My biggest concern with homeschool was the fear that I would mess up, my daughter wouldn’t learn enough to stay on track with her peers, or I would mess up with the paperwork. Time4Learning even makes the paperwork easier because the records are all there. What she learned in each subject every day and her scores.

We are only about a week in to this new journey, but are very happy with our decision so far.

If you think Time4Learning may be for you, feel free to use this referral link: https://www.time4learning.com/signup/step1.aspx?rid=MOrbcYDqv1bI6fXuLXTJBw== I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about my experience with the program or home schooling in general.

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been given the opportunity to review their program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. For more information, check out their standards-based curriculum or learn how to write your own curriculum review.