Hi everyone, since it’s been 2 years since I posted, I figured it was time to update you all on what I’ve been up to!

Last June, I was asked to put together a top five list of children’s books in any category I wanted. I decided to list my favorite books that “teach without being teachy,” books with incredible messages or lessons that kids love. You can view the list here. This is the type of book that I strive to write.

In May I was interviewed by Bethany Walker, a clinical social worker, who was interested in my book Goodbye Bad Dreams for her Book Therapy Thursday blog. That interview was published last Thursday, just in time for all the scary dreams that are coming about now as a result of Halloween shows and decorations! You can read the interview here.

Here’s a sample:

Do you have a scene in the book that was your favorite to write or see illustrated?

I love the cover image which shows a huge dinosaur pulling on the child’s bed. Hannah says, “There was a dinosaur. He was so big and my whole bed was shaking!” How does Hannah turn this into something silly? At first we had the dinosaur wearing a pink tutu, and dancing is what was causing the bed to shake. I still laugh out loud at the text that became the final version. “What if the dinosaur had too much water before bed . . .” Mom started. “and my bed was shaking because he was doing a pee pee dance, “ Hannah finished, laughing. So now, if Hannah has that dream again, she just has to show the dinosaur where the bathroom is. When I read this out loud, I always get a laugh, something about a grown up saying the words “pee pee dance” gets the kids every time.

I hope to have time in the coming months to get back into writing and editing the dozens of books I have in various stages of completion! I’ll keep you posted!