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I started out as a production editor in the children’s division of one of the major publishing houses in New York City.  I left publishing for a time to become an ESL teacher in New York City.  I loved working directly with kids, but was horrified by what our system of education has become.   I coined the term Teaching to the Child to counter the concept of teaching to the test that has become so prevalent in our schools, and wrote a book under the same name about my experiences.  While I have left teaching for the time being, I continue to be an advocate for education reform, meeting with elected officials, and writing the occasional blog post.

My second book, Welcome to Motherhood, is a book of poetry for new moms.  But not that kind of poetry…these poems are about what it’s really like to be a mom.  Check it out by clicking on the “books” tab above.

I then discovered a love of writing picture books, particularly those with nature, “green,” and Earth-friendly themes.  No Place Like Earth is an intro to the planets for young kids, but also a reminder that there is “No Place Like Earth.”  Kids love the space theme of this book, and I love that it (in a subtle way) reminds them to take care of our planet.  I followed this book up with What Do You Do with a Doodleloo, which immediately became an Amazon Best Children’s Recycling and Green Living Book upon its release!  I am honored to be in this category.

Exciting things happening…I’ve had several events at Barnes and Noble on my own and with other great authors, and more books in the works, as well as baby #2 due any day now!  I’m taking a little bit of a break, with my next big project, Goodbye Bad Dreams, due to release January 2020, but I’ll still be doing the occasional event here and there.

Whether you are interested in teaching or parenthood, or if there is another reason that brought you here, I hope you enjoy your visit!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, sorry, I am just seeing this now! I don’t know why I didn’t get a notification about your post. Anyway, thanks so much for purchasing No Place Like Earth and for your kind review! I greatly appreciate it.


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