About Teaching to the Child

Teaching: A crazy, fulfilling, emotional, horrific, life-changing, hilarious job.
What was I thinking leaving my career in publishing to become a teacher? 

Teaching to the ChildTo say that teachers have a lot going on in their classrooms is an understatement. As a career changer, I was thrown into this world of teaching, and was taken in by the amazing kids I met. Follow my first three years of teaching ESL as I struggle to focus on the children despite the many obstacles that come up along the way.

If you are a teacher, this book may give you someone to relate to, and some ideas to incorporate into your own classrooms.

For teachers and non teachers alike, let this book shed light on a troubled system. Something has to change to stop the constant bullying and harassment of teachers, and to get us all refocused not on testing, but on teaching to the child.

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Huffington Post article featuring Teaching to the Child:

The Back-to-School Book List for the Educated Teacher and Parent

Teaching to the Child is now available at Barnes & Noble in Manhasset!

Book on display at Barnes and Noble


6 thoughts on “About Teaching to the Child

      1. Ms. Frank who published your book? What city is the publisher in. I am using this book as a reference in one of my masters classes and this information is missing, Thanks Liz


      2. Hi Elizabeth,
        Thanks for your interest in my book. It’s published in New York by Createspace. I would be interested to hear more about how you are using it in your class, and also where you are located. Feel free to write back with any other questions or comments you have.
        Take care.


  1. Who published the book, what is the city of the publisher. I’m using this book in my masters class and this information is missing from the book


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