Kids Book Database


There have been multiple times as a mom that I’ve gone to the library, bookstore, or Internet in search of a kid’s book on a particular topic, and I’ve realized kid’s books aren’t organized the way adults books are, and it’s very difficult to find a book by topic.  When my daughter started having bad dreams, I wanted a book to comfort her.  When she lost her first tooth, I wanted a book to share her excitement.  I’ve seen posts in mom groups asking about books on every topic from death to divorce to bullying.

I finally decided to do something about this.  I posted in mom groups and asked therapists and authors about their favorite books in all these categories and more.  I compiled their answers, along with my own favorites, and created this database.  I am so excited to have this now every time my kids experience something that I want to share with them via books, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

If you have a favorite that you don’t see here, please let me know and I’ll add it.

Adoption and Other Living Situations

Bad Behaviors (hitting, lying, and others)

Bedtime Trouble

Boy Stuff



(Books that Teach) Concepts



Embracing Differences (also being happy with who you are, and challenges like wheelchair, allergy, diabetes, etc.)


Feelings (Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Shyness)

Friendship and Kindness (also Friendship Problems)

Girl Stuff

Losing a Tooth


Nature (Love of)

New Baby


Potty Training


Starting School

Tricky People (Formerly Stranger Danger)

Other Books I Love

Avoid These Books


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