What Do You Do with a Doodleloo?

What Do You Do with a Doodleloo?

Looking for something new to do?

Just grab a doodleloo.

 Don’t have one?

Oh, yes, you do.

A doodleloo is what’s left after you’ve finished a roll of paper towels, but it is definitely not trash.  Before you throw away a doodleloo, check out this book and see just some of what it can do.


Lori and Michael Fettner’s first picture book, No Place Like Earth, introduces the planets to young children, but also reminds us that Earth really is the only place we can call home.  This follow-up  illustrates one simple thing kids can do to help save our planet…reuse items instead of throwing them away.  Who knew saving the planet could be so much fun, while saving you money as well!

Sample spreads:

interior image 1interior image 2

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